This is where notasoviethacker rants about stuff.

notasoviethacker: Congratulations to everyone who defeated the Ender Dragon! even though apparently it was tampered with... Anyway good job! To ensure that the fight will be more fair the Ender Dragon will be respawned and keepinventory turned on. Have nice day

notasoviethacker: I'm in the Lake Tahoe area for Chinese New Year with relatives, so just know that if the server crashes or you want to be whitelisted there will be a wait. For those of you wondering why I can't just whitelist you from in-game, the internet connection is very slow so I time out before I can connect to the game. Anyway, notasoviethacker out.

notasoviethacker: Yeah so today we set a new record in the history of this server, we had it crash a record three times in 30 minutes. Given my experience in tech support (mainly helping people realize they're stupid and use their eyes and brain), I was able to get it back online with our trusty tool Google search. Hopefully this will be a place where I, unlike the subheading suggests, post updates about the server and life in general. Also, HTML sucks.
UPDATE: congratulations we had our 4th crash of the day. I for today have given up trying to read through the long crash notes and will now try the spigot forums. oh boy. I swear to God, if the server crashes while I'm gone for CNY I will blow up half the map

notasoviethacker: Don't beg for mod. It makes you look stupid and you're not going to get it.

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